Day 2


 “””Experience breathtaking views of Delhi and its surroundings during the hot air balloon rides, led by professional pilots with special licenses for the sport.”””

10th Delhi Rattan Awards


Cultural fusion

Night Glow Spectacle – Every Night Don’t miss the Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Spectacle, a magnificent display of balloons glowing in sync to music.

Food & Shopping Stalls

Food Stalls : Satisfy your cravings with an array of local and international cuisines and drinks.

“Shopping Stalls : Explore the handicrafts, apparel, and jewelry stalls to take home a piece
of India with you.”

Other Activities Like :

Adventure Activities :

Take part in a range of exciting adventure activities, including sky cycling, bungee jumping, ziplining, and more.

Virtual Reality Games

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Paragliding Simulation

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Drone Racing Competitions

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Soar to New Heights with Hot Air Balloons: The Ultimate Sky-High Adventure Enjoy a three- day celebration of adventure and culture in the skies of the Indian capital.

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